Exclusive agritourism in Siedlisko Orlik - recreation

Siedlisko Orlik is a pension in garden. Rest in garden greatly relaxing. Garden interact with every senses. Natural flowers' and herbs' aromas calm down and reduce effect of stress, mild nature sounds, beautifulness of plants and gardening compositions improve cheer and give positive energy.


Siedlisko Orlik have got own ponds with platforms for anglers. Myśliborskie and Choszczeńskie Lake District is a paradise for fishermen. The fish ponds web range in Płonia Valley. Through the middle of the valley runs clean Płonia river. In the nearest area there are several lakes surrounded by forests.

Water recreation

Numberous lakes are atraction of our exclusive agroturism, encourage to sailing, bathing and surfing. Cruise on the Barlineckie Lake is one of the most beautiful things to experience during holidays near Barlinek. Next to two watering places You are able to hire floating equipment. Siedlisko Orlik helps with organizing canoeing trips to Drawa.

Rope park

Rope park "Tarzan" is situated next to urban beach in Barlinek. It have got 4 routes with different level of difficulty. It is a great recreation for kids, teenagers and adults. Everyone can tried.

Hiking, cycling

Turistic track, which is near Siedlisko Orlik, have way through picturesque Płonia Valley, the Natura 2000 protected area, charming nook of Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship. Hiking or cycling in this place is a great way to get in touch with nature.

Nordic walking

Siedlisko Orlik, pension near Barlinek, allow using Nordic Waliking Centre's offer. 50km of marked trails in Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park are ready for persons interested into that form of rest. It guarantee admiring landscapes and move on the open air.

Horse riding

For horse riding enthusiasts we offer horseback riding for beginners and advanced, off-road raiding in picturesque area. We cooperate with a small horse stud( actually 8 mount).


Modry Las Golf Club is a eespecially beautiful golf course located in Western Pomerania. It ranged 130ha unspoilt landscape and connect that, what the best: gently sloping hills, wildflowers fiedls and celestial birch-pine forest. Everything surronded by two lakes. Modry Las is one of the greatest golf courses in Europe. There is convenient approach from our pension near Barlinek to golf course Modry Las( 30km).