We invite to visit our region, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Western Pomerania, has not been discovered by mass tourism yet.

Advantage of our pension is natural surrounding and a lot of attractions in the neighborhood. Barlinek, which is placed near pension( 6km), is a charming, climatic small city, worthy visiting. Many interesting places might be a target of sightseeing trips and wonderful adventure, because our region has not been discovered by tourism yet.

Płonia Valley, Skalisty Jar Liberta Wildlife Reserve
Manor in Niepołcko- during renovation
Paper Mill at Płonia
Barlinecko-Gorzowski Lanscape Park


Market, fountain with Gęsiarka
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Watering Place "Pod Sosnami" from 1927AD
New City
Cebulowy Palace
Chinese House
Regional Museum

Dendrological garden, Palace and founding farm - Przelewice
Modry Las Golf Club- Choszczno
Drawieński National Park
Cistercial trial- monastery in Barlinek, monastery in Bierzwnik
Zoo-Safari in Świerkocin
Dinosaur Park in Nowiny Wielki
Signs and Mile Poles in Witnica, Brewery in Witnica
Ujście Warty National Park, Rzeczpospolita Ptasia
Chwarszczany- templars' chapel
Myśliborskie Lake Distict, lakes, forests, beautiful landsapes